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There is an old saying that "behind every great man, there is a great woman". Keith would have you think that in front of every woman, leads a great man, however, Melinda says it how it really is, “Behind every man, is a woman rolling her eyes!”

Married with three children, Melinda and Keith run their wedding photography studio in Montreal, Quebec. Most would say Melinda is the left side of the brain, handling the business side of things, while Keith is the right side of the brain and the creative one behind the camera. To put it nicely, Keith does whatever Melinda tells him to do.

Brides and grooms know that weddings are filled with love, joy and precious moments. They are not only looking for photos of their wedding day, but for someone to help them create and capture the excitement of those lasting memories. Melinda and Keith want to be the ones that capture this for you.

Our family from left to right: Hendrix, Keith, Melinda, Phoenix, Lexi 16-401_06_MelindaKeith_01116-401_06_MelindaKeith_011TIM1