We are looking to have some exterior work done to our home. There are a few things that need to be addressed (possibly as separate projects),

  1. 2nd floor balcony: We want to redo the balcony that is located directly above our garage.

    This is where water seems to find its way through into my garage
    Water comes in through the garage ceiling from the "black hole"
  2. Water currently leaks from the area where there is a drain pipe. The balcony floor is made of concrete and there is a drain pipe located in the middle. Water currently leaks from this area directly into my garage when ever there is rain. The joints of the brick railing have fallen out (as seen in the photos below) and we'd like to replace the brick with a new non-brick railing
  3. Front facade: The brick on the front of the house, directly over the garage needs repointing and we can also see a bow in the angle iron found directly above the garage door. No one will address issues we have with the garage door framing (caping is coming loose because of water damage to the wood within, see photos below) until we address the issues with the brick joints and water infiltration.
    The angle iron has a slight bow and caused the bricks to sink and joints to crack The angle iron may need to be replaced with a thicker one
  4. Front steps: Our front steps need overhauling and we think it would be best to knock down the brick railing and install something else.
    Beneath our steps is a cold room
  5. Flower bed: It is our understanding that it was a poor design to have a flower bed made directly against the front brick of our house. The structure of the flower bed is made of brick and it is uncertain if proper precautions were made (ie membrane) for the prevention of water damage to the brick underneath.
    Right side of the flower bed that's separating from the main wall