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In the meantime please take a moment to view some of our favorite images and the stories behind them by scrolling below.

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Featured Images & The Stories Behind Them

We're all about keeping things real, fun, and elegant. Afterall, a wedding is truly a celebration. We can't lose site of what's important - It's all about the bride. And let's not be completely one sided, the groom is important too.

So enjoy as we share with you our take on wedding photography, how we shoot, and why we shoot the images that we do. 

The image below was captured from a distance during a random dance at the Windsor Ballroom. We placed two lights on the opposite side of the dance floor as Keith stood away from a distance with a zoom lens waiting for that perfect moment when no one was blocking his view. You cannot fake or plan a moment like this. It has to happen on its own and you need to be ready to snap it when it does. #montrealweddingphotography

Though set outside in full daylight sun, a light was used to balance the brightness of the couple and the background. Without using this technique, we wouldn't be able to see the details in the trees. For this shot, Keith crouched down in the bushes to give this achieve a more candid feel.


Being ready for anything throughout the evening allows us to capture unbelievable and heartfelt moments like this one between father and son. Again, we placed lights strategically throughout the reception room (Chateau Taillefer Lafon) so that we wouldn't be in the way of anybody. This way Keith was able to keep his distance and still capture this shot. A true favorite for so many reasons.


Photography is just as much about shadows as it is about light. In this instance a perfect opportunity presented itself where light only came from the far end of the hallway. That, along with the pipes running down the middle, helped Keith compose this hauntingly gorgeous shot.


You can tell the bride to turn her body away from the light, shift her weight, pop that hip, and tilt her head... OR you can tell her to just sit down at the table and relax for a moment.


It was a cold, cold, cold October afternoon up north as we jumped on a golf cart and peeled around the course. This brave couple put up with the cold while Keith stayed cozy with a jacket and gloves. Sometimes couples do whatever it takes to get a shot. How can you regret that when you get an image like this?


Yeah sure, we do formal portraits for your family and wedding party (they're important too), but we much prefer when your true colors come out to play...


We know that we're not shooting a fashion editorial for Vogue magazine so we don't expect our couples to be fashion models, but we still pay attention to positioning and body language. Rather than overly pose this couple, Keith gave them a few guidelines as he instructed the bride to simply hug her man from behind ensuring that an instant connection was kept between the newlyweds.


Muskoka is a little ways away from our home in Montreal, but getting away from the hectic city in exchange for some peace and tranquility was exactly what the doctor ordered. 


Never underestimate the power of an engagement session. We usually have more time to do portraits than on a wedding day and it gives couples the chance to work with us and get to know us a bit better.


This couple wanted a well deserved break after their portrait session, but there is never a moments rest for us on a wedding day. This time, Keith hid across the room under a table as to not be seen and captured this incredible shot without the couple even knowing.


No, we can't afford this very, very, very expensive bottle of wine, but we can sure look good trying!


Taken in the late afternoon, this shot was done under open shade, but we kicked it up a notch by placing a flash behind the couple to help accentuate the curves of their subtle kiss



There are so many possibilities when it comes to your wedding and your choice of photographer. There is some truth to the saying, "you get what you pay for". While more or less true, there's no reason why you can't have your cake and eat it to. 

About Melinda & Keith

Married with three kids, Melinda and Keith run their wedding photography studio in Montreal, Quebec. Most would say Melinda is the left side of the brain, handling the business side of things, while Keith is the right side of the brain and the creative one behind the camera. To put it nicely, Keith does whatever Melinda tells him to do.